About BitMint

BitMint is an engineering boutique running on a wave of cyber space innovations, which we promote, develop and license around the world. Founded in Israel by a click of veteran technology innovators. Our CEO is Amnon Samid [Amnon@BitMint.com], and our CTO is Gideon Samid [Gideon@BitMint.com], supported by an outstanding team of creative can-do types.

We are actively looking for a few young talented visionaries to take over and lead this productive outfit forward.

The Founders

Doing Business with BitMint

BitMint contracts for cyberspace turn-key jobs, but mainly collaborates with partners who implement BitMint technology. BitMint also serves as a consultant for general cyberspace well-being. We do training and teaching on a broad basis.

BitMint focuses on digital payment solutions, cyber security, cyber-privacy and cyber identity. We also work on cyber efficiency, and cyber convenience.

Queries of any type: info@BitMint.com. * Twitter@BitMintNews * l Medium@BitMintNews

Amnon Samid

Rob and Gideon