Security in Your Hands

Cyberspace has crowded us all into one neighborhood -- we can cyber touch each other -- all seven billions of us, but, alas, it also puts us all touch-distance from those marginal malignant exploiters and misusers, who would readily undo all the wonder of cyberspace, without us putting up a formidable wall of security to fend them of.

BitMint, the Cyberspace Corner Store, puts forth its share of this wall. We introduce fresh thinking of security:

You build security by stepping back from overconfidence, by realizing that even if you are smarter than your attacker, you cannot win often enough, and therefore you need to rely on the one source that smarts cannot defeat: randomness.

At BitMint we developed a security suite based on high quality randomness. We exploit (i) the recent development of commercially available high-grade randomness, combined with (ii) our new randomness-upgrading tool. We also exploit the reality of (iii) Moore's law: randomness is cheaper to hold, and cheaper to communicate, much cheaper than ever before,

We build randomness-rich ciphers which shift the security responsibility from the cipher designer, to the cipher user. The user is the one who prizes his data and its security, it is he or she, who needs to be able to determine how much security to project. Security is expensive, it should be dolled out in good measure, decided by the user, not by a generic designer. Our product line is built accordingly. The user of BitMap, BitFlip, BitMix, etc. can dial up the security of his process up to 'ultimate' heights (mathematical security), for a price, and project a lower security for a lower price. Our user decides, not us.

As it turns out BitMint security products can deliver where others fail. We offer battery-friendly IoT ciphers, we offer zero information-leakage communication mode, as well as powerful management products -- a document management solution that keeps everyone reading only what is intended for them to read, while maintaining the project on one single shared document.

BitMint solutions extend to data fingerprinting (Date Sourcing Technology) which makes large data breaches of public information database non profitable, and hence not worth the effort, and thereby stopped.

With the power of randomness we put forth the notion of terminal equivocation, the mathematically based triumph over the privacy violator.